“The Houston Post”

One spring morning day, in the middle of March,
a cute little doggie gave her puppies their start.
She birthed two in a row, then the third came along,
now the crews all in love so we're singing this song.

Stand Up, Give a Toast,
to The Houston Post.

Let me tell you by April Fools, they started learning in school,
the potty training lessons taught the golden rules.
Then as they began to search, across Mother Earth,
the crew had their backs and proclaimed, “They Come First”.

Why Don't You Stand Up, Give a Toast,
to The Houston Post.

Puppy Love, comes from up above,
and God holds the key to your heart.
Like two turtle doves, it's never enough,
you've got give, what you need from the start.
'Cuz it's not the golden luck, it's the promised love,
that God gives when you take them home.
We ask you all to stand up, give a toast,
to The Houston Post. Puppies go and roam.


Listen up now:
We came together, through all climate weathers,
there's no storm that could hold us back.
We believe we're the truth, and together we conclude,
we're gonna base our beliefs by the facts.

There's no unverified, spinning alibi's,
that could lead us astray from our path.
It's easy as can be, we believe what we see,
and today we know we're on the right track, and it's a blast.

So Let's All Stand Up, Give a Toast,
to The Houston Post.
Together All Rise Up, Raise Your Glass,
'Cuz The Houston Post Is Back.
We're Gonna All Jump Up, and Show Lots of Love,
and Get Up for The Houston Post.
So Let's All Stay Up, and Bow Our Stuff.
and Thank God for The Houston Post.

Music and Lyrics, April 7th 2021, 1:17pm
Peter J. Beauchemin



“Faithful In Love”

(I like them) Darlin’, you’re the light in my life.
you make me feel good inside.
Holdin’ down, my heart I just can’t try,
‘cuz it’s beatin’ me alive.

The longest road, doesn’t have too many miles.
And I will go, down the path that’ll take me, awhile just to find you.
My heart and soul, is a present gift wrapped, with a bow ‘cuz I like you.
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.

(I love them) Baby, every kiss from your lips,
proves there’s nothin’ like this.
It lifts me up, like a kite swirlin’ in the wind,
teaches me how to begin.

The highest peak, isn’t tall enough so I’ll climb it for you.
And I will seek, out the rockiest cliffs just to prove it to you.
My heart bleeds, the love you’ve longed for, and I’ll honor it with you,
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.

(I bury them) Keep holdin’ on, for just one more day.
Baby, I’ll sing for you this lovely song, to wipe those tears away.

(I long for them) Honey, you were the love of my life,
you made me feel good inside.
But now you’re gone, and it’s too late for me to carry on,
‘cuz my heart stopped beatin’ and died.

The longest road, is the one that’s taken me to heaven, to find you.
And I will go, ‘cuz God has promised me we’ll be,
and He died too. I’ll give my soul,
as an offering gift up to part in a halo,
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.
My Sunshine ~ Faithful In Love.

Music and Lyrics, 2012: Peter J. Beauchemin